Cruising On Turkish Coast

Enjoy the Turkish Coast on a Gulet and have a life time experience.

Traditional boat for 4 to 16 cabins equipped with bathrooms and air condition. You will cross the Mediterranean Coast and enjoy scuba diving or other nautical sports whatever you envy.

A Gulet a typical Turkish Boat. An interesting way of cruising up to 1000 km. and discovering beaches, islands, bays that you can just access via the boat.

We propose you different itineraries and ports of departures, you can also make your our journey with the captain and the crew depending on you would like to discover and envy. in the course of your journey. If you are interested to discover the cultural aspect of the region on the Lycian Coast, we organise the visit of antique sites in the company of a professional guide.

This is an excellent occasion of linking the discovery with the rest.

Different formulas are available
• charter (individuals)
• private
• luxe

Model Program Bodrum – Bodrum

Day 1
Boarding-dinner and overnight in the marina of Bodrum.

Day 2
Départure after the breakfast, first small islands of Karada nor far from Bodrum to swim. Then heading to Cati, a marvellous bay covert with pine trees. Dinner and overnight in the bay.

Day 3
Following the breakfast departure for 7 islands and bay of Kufre where you can walk to discover around. And may be a barbecue on the beach for the dinner.

Day 4
Cruising an hand half for the bay of Longoz and then Karacasogut. From there, you can take a vehicle to discover the region and the village of Marmaris.

Day 5
Breakfast and departure towards Manasti, a cape on the beach of Cleopatra Cruising On Turkish Coast 2015 45 (cedrae) and visit antique site of Sedrai. Rumor says Cleopatra makes bring the sand from this beach. Discovery of the beach of Hamam late afternoon bay of Degirmen Bükü. Overnight in this creek called “English Harbor” named after torpedoing of English vessel in the second world war.

Day 6
In the morning departure for the golf of abuk then the route until we reach to the bay of Cökterme and Oren, where you may discover the ruins of a grecoroman village.

Day 7
On the way back to Bodrum, passage by the bays of Ciftli and Oraklar.

Day 8
Arrival to Bodrum and landing.

Another Program Gocek – Kekova – Gocek

Day 1
Arrival to the airport of Dalaman and transfer to Gocek for boarding. Overnight in the marina. Shopping for immediate needs. Discovery of the area and a drink in this posh place where the clientele is mostly upscale Turkish tourists or celebrities.

Day 2
Departure to navigate in the bay of Gocek and viewing its natural beauty of all kind before heading to Oludeniz *natural site of World Heritage of Unesco. (with the Patara Beach). Then Kaya Islands and St Nicolas to spend the night. These two islands are the witnesses of different episodes of the history like population exchange between Greeks and Turks for ages. Island Kaya and Greek houses, white façades with pediment triangular now empty but island of St Nicolas sheltering Byzantin city and a church of which St Nicolas was Bishop.

Day 3
Day spent on the road with stop of swimming until reaching to Bay of Kas. It is recommended to land to visit the ancient village of fishing now a one of the most important centers of scuba diving of the county. You will enjoy the natural and savage features of the bay as its still protected from over exploitation touristic and keep its charm Nuit dans la baie de Kas.

Day 4
Cruising towards Kekova and its bay most famous for the city engulfed. Under the transparent waters of the mediterranean sea, imagine the ruins of a port. The discovery of the Lycian civilization is defined the best with the relaxation, swimming, stopovers in the small ports of fishing with peaceful and protected charm. End of the day in Kas

Day 5
A short return to visit the site of Xanthos, no doubt that this is one of most well kept treasury of the region. Xanthos has been the most important city Ancient Confederation of Lycia. Many important artefacts were found from his past, glorious but tantalized. Especially two tombs, the Nereid Monument and the Tomb of Payava, are now exhibited in the British Museum. The Harpy Tomb is still located in the ruins of the city. The Harpy Tomb is a marble chamber from a pillar tomb dating to approximately 480–470 BC, the chamber topped a tall pillar and was decorated with marble panels carved in basrelief. It may be the tomb of Kybernis, a king of Xanthos.

From there, a couple of kilometres to reach the natural and historical site of Patara. Following a route in the middle of ruins you will reach the sea and beach surreal similar to islands of indian océan. White sand, cyrstal clear water and a savage natural site not a single construction over a long distance. End of the day and return to Kalkan. Overnight in the bay Kas.

Day 6
Route for return and navigating along the coast to reach Fethiye Bay, a discovery of the town is recommended the rocky tombs tombeaux, the citadelle the museum. Overnight in the bay Fethiye.

Day 7
Départure in the morning for Gokcek and end of the tour.

On the way you will visit Dalyan and the historical site of Kaunos, at first blink you will admire the density of vegetation and the natural and savage coastal area in the region.

Kaunos (Caunus) used to be an important port since VIe century before ou rage, accessible today by riding up a river with a boat. Discovery of Kaunos is worth for the ruins of thermal baths well preserved and the temples and theatre mais aussi for its water deco and reed beds gripped in the steeped rock cliffs. Ending the day in gokcek and overnight in the marina.

Day 8
Disembark and transfer to airport.

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