Escape to East Eastern Wonders

6 Days / 5 Nights
Swiss Alps in Turkey!

On the coast of Black Sea, in the foot of Chain Mountains Pontic, discover the verdant landscape and the forest, with its pasturage and coastal zone, Black Sea region remains to be unique in Turkey.

Once you crossed the wood relives of the Pontic chain, the route will dive into the shores of Black Sea and Trabzon. The maritime facade of the mountains is covered with the conifers forests especially with the worldwide famous tea leaves plantation.

Lets pass the highlands of Erzurum and discover a new face of Turkey which is rather stark and les hauts plateaux d’Erzurum pour découvrir un nouveau visage de la Turquie plus reculé et austère with impressive landscaps, richness of history and architecture will welcome the visitors. This fantastic panaroma will remind us that the region is the craddle of Turkey but also of our civilisation.

Day 1: Istanbul – Trabzon – Artvin (168km)
Remarkably attractive throughout its history, Trabzon was the subject of hundreds of travel books by western travellers, some of whom had named it “city of tale in the East”. Trabzon economic and touristic capital of the region is both architecturally and naturally rich.

Day 2: Artvin – Yusufeli (120 km)
In the course of itinerary bucolic to the landscapes of incredible beauty, you will discover that the region christian from 4th Centru and onwards was abundant of ancient churches and monastries georgian some of these are lost in the bottom the valleys and the mountains. Such as « Dortkilise », « kilic kaya », « tekkale »…

Day 3: Yusufeli – Kars (130km)
The second part of this itinerary bucolic will still take you through the Georgian churches on your way to Kars. You will also pass from Ishan Village and its ruins, the waterfalls of Tortum before you arrive to Kars. Discovery of the city and overnight in Kars.

Day 4: Kars – Ani – Dogubeyazit (220km)
In the morning we will be in Ani to discover a Georgian church restored by a team of acheologists specialised and discover the city of Ani.  Lunch in the village.

Departure for Doğubeyazıt (East Beyazit) after the lunch. The city the most oriental of the country. Just 35 km from Iran. The city is also known with its highest peak of Turkey. Ararat Mountain at 5 165 m. This is also where Noah built an ark to save each kind of animal from the Deluge.

The area has had a rich history with monuments dating back to the time of the Kingdom of Urartu (over 2700 years ago).

Visit of Palace of Ishak Pacha; This is a marvel of achitecture. Petite merveille d’architecture and it makes the classic pictures representing the country.

Day 5: Dogubeyazit – Erzurum (255 km)
We are heading to Erzurum ; You will admire the different landscapes you will be seeing on the road.the verdoyant mountain of Black Sea region, will be replaced by the stepps and the plaines of Erzurum.

Day 6: Erzurum – Trabzon (302 km)
Departure in the morning for Trabzon. Last visit of our tour in the North East of the Country. Following the famous pass between mountains of Erzurum at 3000 m. and leave behind the landscapes aride and desert we will dive again in green sites of Trabzon.