Bodrum Sightsee

Some of the antic cities to discover near Bodrum

Today’s Milas was one of the important trade centers of Eastern Rome.

There exist 16 columns in the temple dedicated to Zeus and constructed in 6th century.

One of the antic settlements dedicated to Zeus.

This historic city situated near the Lake of Bafa has been founded between Latmos and Aegean Sea. You will be fascinated by the beautiful Athena Temple in Heriakla.

You can begin the day you will spend to discover the antic city Ephesus by visiting Virgin  Mary’s House on the hill of Aladağ. Ephesus is one of the best preserved historic sites from ancient Greek times till today.

Among the interesting historic places you can discover in Ephesus, the castle from Byzantine times and the Saint John Basilica take the first places.

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