Founded not so far from Antalya, Perge is a typical example of ancient Pamphylia cities. The city located at the junction of trade routes has become an important Christian center together with Side thanks to the Apostles Paul and Barnaby.

Side was an important slaves market before becoming a center of Christian religion in the 7th cent. B.C., and it has welcomed even Cleopatra in a certain time.

Aspendos is an antic city from the Roman times and it has the best preserved and spectacular amphitheater. As the most beautiful city of ancient Pamphylia, Aspendos attracts thousands of domestic and foreign lovers of history every year.

Discover Antalya in one day
Visit the old town with its picturesque streets and beautiful old Turkish houses, the old harbour and the Castle. Visit the Antalya museum exhibiting sculptures of Roman Perge, magnificent sarcophagi, ethnographic section. Discover falls of Karpuzkaldiran; one of the few waterfalls in the world in such a height to fall into the sea.

Discover the ancient region in one day
Departure for the ancient site of Perge; Roman baths, Agora, its amazing main way. Visit the theater of Aspendos, one of the few ancient theaters in perfect condition. We also visit Aspendos aqueducts and very pretty Bridge Selcuquide of 12th century. Continuation to Side to discover the Roman theater built on arches, the ancient site that it merges with the small village on the sandy beaches.

Nature Coast
Two most picturesque sites of the Turkish coast: In the morning Termessos; an eagle’s nest over 1000 meters, The striking remains are buried in the forest and overlooking the surrounding mountains. In the afternoon return to the shores of the Mediterranean to be enchanted by the city and port of Phaselis antique shopping right in the pine forest that has been wintering city of Alexander the Great.

Discovery of Lycia (2 days / 1 night)
Let’s explore the remains of an original civilization: the Lycians, who have been influenced by the Greek world and the Persian world. This particular situation makes it an essential observation of the history of civilizations in the Eastern Mediterranean since the first millennium BC to the Middle Ages. You will visit sites of Xanthos and Letoon which are one of the most remarkable archaeological sites in Turkey and listed World Heritage by UNESCO

In passing we also mark a stop in two ancient ports of Lycia Patara and Myra.