Anatolia occupies the most important part of Turkey and it is almost an open air museum. Anatolia and especially Cappadocia hosts Çatalhöyük which is one of the oldest settlements on the Earth with its history going back to 9000 years ago Being really the cradle of civilization thanks to its location, countless churches from the Roman Empire times are found in Cappadocia.

This is a very fertile region and it has historic monuments which are unique in the World. You can see the traces of early Christian era in this region.

Cappadocia enhances the visitors with its extraordinary topography and landscape. Göreme is one of these places. Erciyes Mountain reaching an altitude of 4000 meters is another point of attraction.

The fairy chimneys formed by the effect of air and water and got such an interesting
shape, the underground cities served as refuge for the early Christians astonish
and fascinate the people visiting Cappadocia.