There thousands ways to discover a destination:
Guided tours, cooking classes, sightseeing buses, canal cruises, bicycle tours, sports activities, visits in historical places with specialised guide, experience local culture events or meet with a local.

Offering yourselves a city break and live it like a local or enjoy a concierge service.

To help you prepare your stay and find the product that fits you the best, My little butler offer you a large range of activities carefully selected or designed and produced or tailor made by their expert team.
It is all about making you discover the destination like a local and feel comfortable.

We make it simple for you to find and book an activity that will make your trip — or your day.

A real 7/24 concierge service meeting all expectations of our clients: Information, ideas of
discovery in the course of travel, tickets for museums, concerts, expeditions, reservations for restaurants, bars, standing by you in case of mishaps.

Exceptional experiences:

  • Visiting a vine cellar, tasting and meeting a vine expert
  • Lunch at a local household, do a cooking lessons or a chocolate workshop
  • Meeting a local journalist, fashion designer, artists, painters, writers who will tell you their vision of the country
  • Discovery of the city with an architect!
  • have a city tour in a vintage car

Our online booking services: we have heavily invested in our B2B online booking site
which is a product of our long years of experience in tourism industry. This is a full
fledge online booking system that you can book all of the followings (hotels, transfers,
excursions, tours, boats …), you can create your own basket and control all your
reservations yourselves.

This is a great tool to facilitate the booking experience. It makes you faster more flexible
and more accurate when you respond to your client needs and requests. You can also
create your own program.